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Secure online backup - safeguard your business against the unexpected with our FREE 30 day trial.

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Online Internet Backup

Minimise the impact of disasters on your business

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Secure Online Backup

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Our Online Internet Backup is a proven alternative to traditional backup methods. It provides centralised and automated backups of PCs and servers with secure off-site storage and immediate online recovery.

Data is held in secure and reliable data centres, eliminating the risk of data loss due to the media errors that are common with traditional methods. In case of data loss, restoring data is quick and simple. You can recover your data from any computer online in a matter of minutes.

Online, off-site backup is now considered the best practice for protecting data and Datastore365 provides a 100% reliable and secure service.

  • Increased reliability & protection
  • Reduced backup time
  • Automated process reduces costs
  • Increased security (AES encryption)
  • Increased efficiency
  • Compatible with multiple platforms

How secure is your data?
Our primary secure data centre is based in Northampton and is staffed by highly trained Microsoft engineers. Our secondary data centre in Newbury is an ex-US Air Force base built to protect people and technology from nuclear attacks.

3.5m high perimeter fence
three meter thick walls & solid-steel doors
electro magnetic protection
state of the art CCTV

Think it will never happen to you?
How prepared are you for the unexpected? Recent events such as the fires at a glue factory in Corby and flooring factory on Brackmills Northampton, highlight that your data is never as safe on-site as you would like to believe. With online internet backup you can relax knowing that your data is secure and protected.

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